What is Geofencing?

In the auto collision world we utilize geofencing to deploy extremely targeted marketing to pull customers away from your competitors and drive traffic to your body shop.

The process looks like this:

1. We place a geographic boundary (aka electronic fence, aka geofence) around specific businesses near you. For auto body shops we focus on your auto body competitors, mechanics, dealerships, insurance agents, tow yards, etc depending on how your specific shop is set up.

2. Once a customer traverses over that electronic fence that we set up, the “fence” tags their phone and begins to deliver your ads to their phone. Imagine this – a customer is at a competitor of yours. While waiting for their estimate to be written they get on their phone and start playing their favorite game. Then, whamo! Your ad pops up within that app they’re on and they think…”after this, I’m going to pop over to ABC Body Shop and get their opinion of my damage.”

3. After a customer leaves that targeted location they will continue to receive your ads within websites and over 60,000 apps on their phone over the next couple of weeks.

4. When they are ready, they will make their way to your shop and then, again, whamo! We have tracked their visit to YOUR location PLUS we know exactly where they were when we tagged them originally so you know exactly where you are snagging that work from. It’s a beautiful thing!

Micki’s good buddy, Jason Stahl, from BodyShop Business explains how geofencing works and how it benefits auto body shops.

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This is NOT a one size fits all approach and not all those who do geofencing do it well!

Main Office: Newbury Park, California
Phone: 1.805.857.6310
Email: [email protected]


Micki and I have been working together for close to ten years now in the Auto Collision industry. She handled all my marketing and social media along with print media, billboards and radio.  As a 10 million a year operation it was imperative that I had someone trust-worthy with her time as most of her work did not require her to be at our location. Currently, I am co-owner of a smaller facility and I immediately asked if she would come on board to do the same. Very happy with results and how she professionally represents our business. I would highly recommend her services.

Mike T.

Walk-ins for estimates are up considerably after only a few weeks of geofencing….. very exciting. Thanks Micki!

Michael P.

Micki helped grow my business over 5x what it was when she came on board. She has become a dear friend and confidant and she has helped us in so many ways. If you want to grow your business with someone you can trust – Micki is your girl.

Jeff S.

In the last 15 years I have worked with plenty of marketing specialists and, quite frankly, not one of them knew what they were doing. Then we met Micki. I was completely skeptical but decided to work with her. I can’t tell you how happy I have been with all of Micki’s work. She’s spot on with her marketing ideas and always delivers. I really like that she’s always available to bounce ideas around and once decisions are made she’s off and running. Without any hesitation I recommend Micki! She’s the real deal and delivers real results!

Geoff D.

We have used Google Ads in the past with very minimal success. Utilizing Google Ads with Micki’s team we are now getting 1-2 new phone/online bookings per day plus new traffic in the drive. We couldn’t be happier.

Dave S.