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We are a team of collision center marketing experts who specialize in the auto body industry. We have PROVEN marketing techniques that drive high quality traffic to each of our client’s shops. Led by owner Micki Woods our core values are:
quality, trust, discipline, results, authenticity and a positive growth mindset.

Micki is a writer/contributor for BodyShop Business and has written many of their cover stories on marketing and growing your collision repair facility. She is also the co-host for “BodyShop Business: The Podcast” where she and Jason Stahl discuss all things marketing.

Find some of Micki Woods’ marketing articles HERE at BodyShop Business.
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Body Bangin’ Podcast is hosted by Micki Woods of Micki Woods Marketing where they discuss all things body…auto body that is! Season 1 has concluded but stay tuned for season 2.

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How It All Began…

Micki Woods’ professional journey began over 15 years ago when she dove into the auto body industry and purchased Casa de Cadillac Body Shop. Being in the 1% of female auto body shop owners provided many challenges but also many learning experiences. She was honored to have veterans in the industry take her under their wing while the rest of the industry shook their heads when she chose to use atypical methods to revamp and grow her business’ gross profit to levels it had never seen.

Since that time Micki has gone independent and created her own marketing agency to dial in those marketing tools specifically for the auto collision industry. Micki and her team have created outside-of-the-box ideas and techniques that have been PROVEN to work in the auto body industry. As Micki Woods Marketing’s team brings consistent success to their auto body shop clients across the country, their notoriety grows like wildfire.

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